Aloha Browser for PC – Free Download

aloha-browser-pc-free-downloadBlueStacks is the first program that allows you to use your favorite mobile applications on a Windows computer. Apps such as Angry Birds Space, Temple Run, Evernote or Documents to Go can be downloaded directly into BlueStacks or synced from applications using the BlueStacks Cloud Connect Android application. Generally, this application is an Android emulator for PC.

Installation process

Downloading BlueStacks and installing is a fairly simple process, the only requirement is that you have a Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on your computer. If you own an Android phone or tablet, you can synchronize them with your desktop software. This does not actually synchronize all the data and settings between the platforms, but it allows you to download applications from these devices to the PC.

1. First that you need to do is to go to this website:

2. Follow the steps and install the app on your computer

3. After installing, a window of 1120 x 640 will open, which will display your installed and recommended applications as well as the search bar. BlueStacks comes with Evernote, Documents To Go and other apps.

Also, you will notice the “dock” feature fixed at the top of the screen, it offers quick access to your applications, popular downloads, the App Store and Cloud Connect.

It should be noted that certain application features will not work because the emulator does not have the hardware that is on the mobile device (for example GPS to locate a user or a barcode camera).

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Downloading Aloha Browser for Windows PC and Mac

Aloha Browser for PC is one of the best browsing platforms which is quite popular among users. It helps you with document searching and it is different from regular search engines. It has searching security which is regarded as the best on the market. It is a smartphone app and it can be easily downloaded and installed from PlayStore.


Aloha Browser for Windows 8/10/8.1/8 64 bit and 32bit is not officially present. But you can download it by using the BlueStacks emulator. We previously have shown you how to install BluStacks and here we will show you how to do the same thing with Aloha Browser using BluStacks.

You need to do the next few things:

1. Click on BlueStacks Android Emulator icon from on your laptop,

2. Click on the search icon,

3. Type Aloha Browser,

4. Find it on Google play store and click install,

5. After it has been installed you can access it via BlueStacks home page.

That’s was all you need to do in order to run the Aloha Browser app on your computer if you want to check out more applications you can do it on the home page of