Get FortiClient VPN for PC, Android & iOS

download-forticlient-vpn-for-pc-windows-macIs it just me or you also have this issue as well? sometimes I am just on my computer enjoying my web that the computer starts acting crazy and many pop-ups star coming out everywhere, at that moment I realize I have virus and the system is malfunctioning, but what I don’t understand is why my antivirus is not protecting my computer !! so frustrating, that’s why I started looking for new software that will have all the features I need to protect my computer and actually work, and I was so lucky to come to cross FortClient and it is the software I needed my entire life, especially that all my work is done by computer so I need to make sure everything is protected and this software gave me everything I need for smooth experience on the web.

What is the FortiClient VPN?

Let’s start by saying that FortiClient is the next generation of endpoint protection, it does provide the best protection against threats, also it gives you ultimate control over your software and hardware all over your security, it is the full package antivirus plus VPN and scanner for all the vulnerability and it is the best filter for your web.

It is the best in the market for security appliance and network security, and for the best results you should connect it to a corporate connection, which is easy because you can use its build in VPN, FortiClient download the most appropriate security features the user needs.

So its key features are:

– Fabric integration
– Advanced endpoint protection
– The ability for remote access
– Management and reporting
– Detection of malware
– Remote access by IPSec VPN or SSL VPN

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How to download FortiCilient for IOS

It is available on the App Store so it will be easy to get it just follow the
following steps:

• Search Forticlient in the search bar on the iOS App Store
• Press on Get it
• Accept the terms and privacy policy
• Give Forticlient to add VPN configuration
• In the add section put the name “ksuvpn” and the host “” and add your user name
• Turn on VPN and put your username and create a password
• You are good to go

FortCilient VPN for Chromebook

Is easy to download by following these steps :
• Search Forticleint VPN in Google Play
• Accept the app access your configuration and click ok
• Give it access also to access your media
• Enter “ksuvpn” as a VPN name and “SSL VPN” as a VPN type
• Select “” as a server
• Select a username and password
• Click yes on the request for connection and connect *
• You are now connected

FortCilient for Android

Is it is available if you have an Android, and is quick and easy to get :
• Find Forticlient in the search bar and press install
• Accept their agreement
• Accept the app to access your media
• Open the app
• The app will ask you to take a picture for records to accept and take it or skip
• Put “ksuvpn” I in the VPN name and choose SSL VPN as a type
• For the server enter “
• Create a username and password
• Accept connection request and now you are connected

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As you can see the app is available on all the platforms and easy to get and it automatically runs the updates and scans for malware and viruses and you can get it by SSL or IPsec VPN, you get the benefits of many apps in one app, it is secure and free to use, and for it is effectiveness it did receive the recommended rating for the third year in the row by NSS labs this is the app you need.

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