How to install DU Recorder App on PC

du-recorder-pc-appsforpc.ioAre you looking for a great app to record high-quality video? Your search is finally over! DU Recorder allows you to record and stream your screen with simple controls, edit your videos with a powerful built-in editing system and share them on many different platforms.

In this tutorial, you’ll be able to install DU Recorder for PC and DU Recorder for Mac, using an application called BlueStacks.

Main features:

  • Record or stream your screen with simple and intuitive controls;
  • Take screenshots of the recording as you record it;
  • Enable the selfie camera so you can record your face to provide comment in real-time;
  • Convert videos into GIFs;
  • Draw on top of the recording with the “brush” tool;
  • Use a customized watermark to brand your content;
  • Edit videos and images. You can even merge different videos!
  • Share your videos to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more;
  • DU Recorder allows for 1080p video at a 12mbps quality;


Although it’s an app for mobile devices, you can use DU Recorder for PC and DU Recorder for Mac as well. Follow along our instructions to find out how it’s done:

Get an Android emulator

We will use BlueStacks, a popular Android emulator. What it does is it recreates the smartphone environment on your computer, so you can use all the apps and games you love on your PC or Mac of choice. Download it here, and install it in your system.

Installing DU Recorder on the PC

Once the setup is done, open BlueStacks and you’ll notice that it shows the interface resembling that of an Android tablet. Open “My Apps” inside BlueStacks and search for “DU Recorder”. You’ll have to enter your Google e-mail account. When you are finished with this step, the app will install.

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Wait for the installation to complete. It can take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Recording with DU Recorder

You’ll notice that a small orange dot has been added to the right side of your screen. If you click on it, you’ll see options to control the recording of your screen, and also a button to take you to the application settings.

Open the application and navigate to the “Settings” tab. Play around with the options to find the perfect settings for you!

Once you are ready to start recording, click the small orange dot, select “Start Recording” and let your creativity flow.

Now you can take advantage of this great app on your computer as well! Happy recording!

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