Eye4 for PC – Free Download

eye4-for-pc-free-downloadEye4 is a Remote Video System developed by Shenzhen Vstarcam Technology for the civil consumer market. It incorporates a cloud server platform, an IP camera, and platform software. It is designed for Android devices operating on V4.4 and above.

BlueStacks is an Android system emulator that allows you to install your favorite Android apps on your PC and run them as you would on a smartphone or a tablet.

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Installing BlueStacks is a relatively straightforward process. It is free of charge and you can download it here. If the link doesn’t work visit the BlueStacks Website at BlueStacks.com. There are a few technical requirements for installing BlueStacks. It is a demanding program that will mostly require you to shut down a few other programs in order for it to run smoothly.


Requirements and Installation Process

Direct X 9.0 or Higher2GB RAM installed and at least 4GB free space on your Hard drive up to date graphics drivers. You must be an Administrator on your PC. Having downloaded the BlueStacks Installer, run it and follow through the steps on the wizard prompt.

The Installer will open to reveal the BlueStacks Interface which will automatically proceed to download the program bulk, roughly 170MB.

Once the installation completes, return to your browser and download the Eye4 app Here. This is an APK file 40MBs large.

After the download is complete and having made sure that BlueStacks has completed installation, run the Eye4 APK file you’ve just downloaded. It will prompt you to choose which program to use to open the file. Select BlueStacks. The app will finish installing in about 30 seconds.

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Once it completes the installation, it will open itself and you can start setting up your monitor to your camera. There might be some updates to the app you’ve just downloaded so don’t freak out if an update notification appears. Just click on it and update the app.

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