gCMOB for PC – Free Download

gcmob-for-pc-free-downloadThe advancement of technology has allowed us to control every part of our lives from the comfort of our computer and smartphone screens.

If you have video surveillance installed in your home, consider taking a look at Android gCMOB, a video surveillance app that accesses and controls your live streaming feed.

About gCMOB

gCMOB is a free Android app that lets you tap into your video feed, letting you keep control of your video surveillance even from a distance. This app enables external control of everything from home security camera feeds to CP Plus DVRs, to IP cameras, and even video door phones, giving you great flexibility in your feed control and home security.

The app itself is user-friendly and pleasing to look at, with features that enable you to register and view multiple feeds at once. If you wish to keep track of different cameras in many locations, this feature offers you the flexibility to do so in only one or two clicks. To register your live feed you are also offered multiple options within the app settings, including QR scanning technology and IP address registration.

Among its other features are real-time playback, live preview options, digital zoom for videos, and even Two Way Talk. This app offers you a wide range of options for optimal live feed control and viewing.

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gCMOB Computer Access

This app is primarily an Android app, but there is a simple way to install it on your computer that takes mere minutes.

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All you need is a working internet connection, BlueStacks, and a little bit of patience, and you’ll have gCMOB for PC up and running in no time.

Install gCMOB for Windows or Mac: A Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

Before you install gCMOB for Windows or gCMOB for Mac, you will need an Android emulator called BlueStacks. What this emulator does is essentially let you run any Android app safely and glitch-free on your pc or Mac.

To find BlueStacks, simply type BlueStacks.com into the address bar of your internet browser, and you will be led to the official website. Download the software onto your computer and install it, following the necessary steps provided to you by your computer.

Step 2: Open BlueStacks

Use BlueStacks as you would the Play Store on your Android phone. Type “gCMOB app” into the search bar, and wait for BlueStacks to show your search results. Find the app with the red icon and a white graphic of a telephone.

Step 3: Install the gCMOB App

Click the provided link within BlueStacks and find the Install button, which should be available below the displayed app name. Check the details of the app, available below the Install button, to make sure you have the right one.


The Install button will change to “Open” once the app has finished installing within BlueStacks. Click the button to open the app. Remember, you will be doing all of these steps, as well as viewing and using the app, within the BlueStacks software.

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Step 4: You’re In

Your newly installed gCMOB for PC is now available for use. Hook your app up to the live video feed you wish to control and view from your computer following the instructions within the app.

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