Genymotion Android Emulator Review & Download for PC

genymotion-review-downloadWhy do you think Play Station cannot work on a Windows system? Simple, the games were not designed to work on regular computers.

PS are built with specific features and unique hardware that makes it not compatible with any other operating system. But an emulator breaks this barrier.

There is an increasing demand from users to get a better experience of their mobile apps. The only way this can happen is by shifting apps to a PC using an emulator.

While there are many emulators available in the market, GenyMotion is one of the robust emulators that ease the shifting process.

The tool has helped many users run their favorite Android Apps on their computers. Shifted apps do not have any technical hitches. They quickly adapt to the use of a keyboard and mouse while still offering top-notch performance.

Since its invention, Genymotion has helped over 2 million users, more so developers, to help them test their newly invented apps on a wider virtual environment.

How GenyMotion Works

The success of any software is passing a test run. This shows that the app can correctly work on any platform, in this case, a PC.


Nevertheless, the app can perform a self-analysis to detect logical errors and debugs using programming languages. But since developers are working on a product that they want to sell, they need to go further by testing the sound output of the app using an emulator. This is where GenyMotion comes in.

This emulator opens the app to work on a PC platform. Generally, the PC is the hardware, and the app you want to install will depend on the emulator for full functioning.

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This means that GenyMotion does not have any compatibility challenges as it’s a universal tool.

Features of GenyMotion

  • The tool can adapt to numerous systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, and windows.
  • You can test any installed app with battery charge levels to gauge how it handles them.
  • The tool leverages the laptop webcam as the video source. It also acts as the screencast for your virtual device.
  • You can use the GPS widget to search locations for geolocation-based apps.
  • You can set up a mock-call or SMS interruptions to see if the apps respond adequately.

Pros of GenyMotion

  • It’s one of the fastest Android emulators as it uses OpenGL-capable graphics. The other emulators that have tried to reach its speed are HAXM android enabled emulator.
  • The tool has a wide selection of over 20 virtual devices, including Google, Motorola, LG, and Samsung phones, among others.
  • It has different reliable ways of installing an app. The easiest is drag and drop.
  • The installation process is effortless and straightforward.
  • It has a free version with general functionality.


  • The paid version is costly.
  • You must create an account before you download the tool.
  • You can’t run the app on a Full HD monitor.

Downloading GenyMotion to PC

The process of downloading the app will take some time, unlike other emulators. You need to set considerable time to go through the whole process.

  • The first step is to go to this website using any browser of your choice.
  • You will see two options of downloading the tool; Business download and Free
  • Download. Check what each bouquet contains and download as per your content.
  • The next step leads you to a download question with three options of operating systems. In this case, chose for windows.
  • Your answer will redirect you to the download page with two options; whether to download with a virtual box or not.
  • Create an account with your username, email address, and password. Once done, log in to your account and download the tool.
  • When through, double-click the file. Select your preferred language and your installation location.
  • The installation process will start, which will take you to the next process of installing a virtual device.
  • Once done, click the “start button” to verify if the tool is working.
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There you go. A detailed review of Genymotion and how to install to on your PC. Feel free to try it out. You may also check an alternative software downloads for your PC from Softforpc.