iVMS-4500 for PC – Free Download

ivms-4500-pc-free-downloadiVMS-4500 is a mobile software that was specially developed for the Android operating system. This iVMS-4500 can be used to remotely stream the live videos recorded from devices like IP camera, embedded DVR, DVS, and IP speed dome via a wireless network.

The iVMS-4500 app uses PTZ control system so that the user can achieve a 360-degree view of the surroundings. The user can access the front end devices via an internet connection or by using a port forwarding method in case of non-availability of public IP.

The iVMS-4500 app was developed by Hikvision and it’s completely free to use. The app is very helpful in remote surveying and streaming videos from various IoT devices.

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The below steps will guide you to install this iVMS-4500 app on the PC (Windows/MAC):

1. First and foremost you need to install the BlueStacks application in the PC. (BlueStacks is a specially developed application which helps to run the Android applications on both Windows as well as MAC operating systems)
2. After completing the installation part, open the app on your PC.
3. Once the app is open, complete the initial setup procedure. (The setup procedure is similar to the android phone/tablet start-up setup)
4. In the main/home screen of the BlueStacks app, you will find a search bar.
5. In the search bar type “iVMS-4500” and you can install the app directly from the search bar.
6. If the search bar refuses to show the iVMS-4500 app, then you can always open up the play store and directly install the iVMS-4500 lite into your PC.
7. Once the installation part of the iVMS-4500 app completes then open the app and enjoy it.

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The above method is one of the easiest ways to install the iVMS-4500 android app on your PC. This app can be used on both Windows as well as Mac which makes your streaming and remote surveying process breeze.

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