Puffin Web Browser for PC – Free Download

puffin-web-browser-pc-free-downloadOne of the indispensable capabilities for smartphone users, especially Android phones. What about this puffin? Puffin Web Browser for PC is the smartest feature is speed. There are several reasons why users prefer to do this. You can find all this in our publications.

Puffin Web Browser, for the first time its name among browsers that support Flash, announced a lot of attention as well as functionality. Let’s talk about the properties of the application.

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1. Always the latest flash support

An application that allows you to open videos that Flash requires is also very successful in terms of visualization and functionality.

2. Trackpad function

The application also contains trackpad functionality. We will activate the touchpad on the computers and configure the place we love. So, we can easily click on hard-to-reach places.

3. Use multiple tabs

The video and music you open will continue in the first episode even if you go to the second episode. Video and music streaming will not be disabled even if you open the second tab.

4. Protect clouds

All traffic that is made by the Puffin server over the Puffin application is encrypted, which is protection against the hacker. Using Puffin with public Wi-Fi is unprotected, but it is not safe for most browsers.

5. Provide bandwidth

Puffin Web Browser for Mac uses a special compression algorithm to transfer your data from the Internet to your device and allows you to save up to 90°/o of your bandwidth while browsing the normal web. This is necessary for users who complain about the quick end of the Internet package.

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NOTE: The scanner data center is in the United States. In some countries (such as China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) and in some schools (for example, in American schools), Puffin is also difficult. If you travel to one of these countries. Do not think about why my scanner does not work.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of the program are:

High-speed download sites, and support for mobile and full-page versions. Compared to the main competitor, Chrome is up to 550%.

Using Flash support, you can start the video in a separate window. Puffin Browser 7 launches flash games easily.

The Puffin Web Browser for Windows can be installed on any device that supports Android. Your tablet can be a smartphone. There are also versions for the PC.

The main drawbacks are:

The zoom function does not work when you press the touchpad twice.

Page content cannot be moved using the buttons on your smartphone.

The simple and cool interface does not stand out from other browsers.

How to download Puffin Web Browser on PC and Mac

If you would like to download and install this Puffin Web Browser on your PC using Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac follow the reference link we have provided below and learn how to use this browser on your computer.

Article Reference: Techforpc.com