How to download TikTok for PC (Mac & Windows)


TikTok has been taking over the video-sharing network service by storm ever since it’s release in September of 2016! So, if I were you, I’d want to enjoy the countless free entertainment clips, not just on my IOS or Android device, but also on TikTok on PC!

In this article, we’ll be giving you a step by step guide on how to install TikTok for Windows, and TikTok for Mac, through an Android emulator! It might sound complicated, but trust me, we are just right by your side!


How to download TikTok for Mac & Windows:

1) Download

For this rather simple first step you’ll be required to go to BlueStacks website: Upon entering, you’ll be viewing a large green box stating “Download BlueStacks”. And yes, this does work for both Mac and Windows users!

Once downloaded onto your device, open the application which can be found in your downloads.

2) Installation process

Next up once you see the box on your screen, which can be seen after opening the BlueStacks application. Click the “Install now” button and let it install & do its thing! Please keep in mind that this might take longer than just a few minutes, depending on how fast your computer/laptop/device is.

3) Set-Up

Alright, the hard part has been accomplished, and now moving on. You’ll be welcomed with a Welcome screen asking you to select your language. If you’re not using the default “English (UNITED STATES)”, you can click on it and change it to whatever is preferred.

Now, click the “LET’S GO” Yellow box, wait for a couple of moments. And right after that, sign in to your Google account, if you don’t already have one, you can create one by clicking “Create Account” followed by “For Myself” and entering the needed information.

Once entering your Google account details, agree to Google’s policy if needed, and wait for a couple of moments for everything to be set up by BlueStacks!

4) Final Step/Installing TikTock!

Onto the final step now, once you’ve entered BlueStack’s portal. Click on the Google Play Store icon, go up on the search bar and search “TikTok” click the first one you see & install it!

When the app has finished it’s installation, you’ll be able to open it, enter in your TikTok account details and be like it’s other 188 Million users, enjoying it!

Concluding statement

There we have it! In under 500 words, we have gone through a simple process on how to install TikTok for Windows as well as TikTok for Mac users as well! Research recently concluded that 90% of TikTok’s users use the app on a daily basis for more than 52 minutes, I know I’m one of them! But with BlueStacks, you’d be able to experience the joy not just on your mobile device!

Editors note: this article was written on 31/12/19. Information might fluctuate.

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